Adding to a whole host of carpet cleaning services Carpet Local are able to offer a top notch and unbeatable stair cleaning service as part of our carpet cleaning regime. Sometimes people are happy to clean the majority of their carpets themselves as part of their weekly routine but the stairs and stairwell can often be a source of problems do to the complexity and nature of the task.

That’s why Carpet Local are able to offer a tailored stair cleaning service for your home. We use the same high quality and deep cleaning methods used in our regular carpet cleaning service but can adapt our cleaning in a way that can leave your carpeted stairs looking brand new again.

We have a range of different carpet cleaning tools at our disposal to tackle all types of carpeting and rugs, even the shape of the stairs won’t phase us. We have a range of cleaning tips and nozzles that will push our powerful but eco-friendly cleaning products deep into your carpet fabric and remove years of built up dirt and dust that you might not have removed from cleaning your carpets yourself.

Carpets feel fresher, bouncier and lighter to the touch and many people end up walking around barefoot when we are finished just to feel the outstanding results for themselves.

If you are interested in any of our stair carpet cleaning services then get in contact with Carpet Local today!