So a common question that we are asked while cleaning our customers carpets is, once we have left, how will they be able to get rid of stains, but more importantly, how to remove coffee carpet stains.  After being asked this repeatedly we have decided to write a few tips n’tricks to help our customers maintain their carpets cleanliness.  It is very important if you rent a property which you’ve paid a deposit to live in that you make sure you know how to keep your carpets clean, as it could result in you loosing your deposit if carpet stains are found at the end of your tenancy period.  We do offer end of tenancy carpet cleaning  click here for more details on pricing.

Coffee Stain RemovalCoffee Spill

Completion Time ( 30mins Approx )

( Allow 1 day for drying )

Ingredients Required

  • Warm Water
  • Carpet Shampoo
  • Paper Towels
  • Clothes
  • Towels
  • Spoon
  • Books

So now onto removing coffee stains, there are many suggested ways to remove coffee from carpets, you do have to be careful though as some methods are very particular to a type of carpet, some methods can actually stain your carpet further so be careful when reading methods online.  Our method is aimed for your general acrylic carpet, it involves blotting the area stained with paper towels, you need to make sure that you blot very lightly, as applying too much pressure initially will cause the stain to soak into the carpet fibers more, making it tougher to remove the stain.

On completion of this, the next step to remove the coffee stain, is to spray water on the effected area, not completely soaking the carpet, but making it touch damp, after this you must then pour 1 liter of warm water into a bowl, stiring in 1/4 of a teaspoon of carpet shampoo into it.  Before applying this solution to the carpet, apply a small amount into an area which is out of site to make sure that it doesn’t react adversely to the carpet changing its colour.

Blotting stainOnce you’ve tested the solution on a small area, then you will be ready to attack the carpet stain, to do this you must first moisten a cloth with the cleaning solution and lay the cloth flat over the affected area, this alone will not remove the stain, after this you then need to use a spoon.  With the spoon you need to massage the cloth which should be on top of the stain, in a circular motion, from the outside working inwards, this means that you don’t push the stain out further, but instead move it further inwards as well remove it from the carpet entirely.

Now that you have carried out all these steps the last procedure is to remove the cloth which should be now be visibly dirty from the cleaning the carpet stain.  Now apply warm water to the affected area, this helps to rinse out any remnants of the coffee that may remain in the carpet, following on from this you now need to apply a towel to the area to blot out the remaining moisture, this will assist removing the stain along with removing excess fluid.Book applying

The final step is to apply a dry towel onto the once was stained area, lie the towel down flat and add some books on top of the towel, this will apply a small amount of pressure onto the area, which will help bring out the stain along with drying the carpet.  Leave this for 24 hours, this will allow the towel to remove the rest of the stain, after 24 hours, remove the towel, and the stain should be completely gone.  If some of the stain remains, you can repeat this process until it has totally gone.

If you have followed these procedures, but your coffee stain still remains, then that is were we, Carpet Local, come in, we are professional, trained carpet cleaners with years of experiences in arts of stain removal. With our high tech carpet cleaning technology complimented by our extensive knowledge we will be able to help get rid of that pesky stain.

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