Welcome back to Carpet Locals new Tip n’Tricks cleaning series, today we are talking about a common household devil mostly know as, lipstick.  This product has all the necessary components included within it to make it one of the hardest products around to remove from a carpet, comprised of grease, mainly red colouring, a soft composition which can easily smear into carpets along with its regular use, it comes as no surprise that most women will come into fruition with this common stain at some point or another.  So here at Carpet Local we are going to explain our simple lip stick stain removing procedure,

Lipstick Stain Removal

Completion Time ( 30mins Approx )2087070159_e8aa40dc6d_o

( Allow 1 day for drying )

Ingredients Required

  • Warm Water
  • Cold Water
  • Dish washing Detergent
  • Paper Towels
  • Clothes
  • Towels
  • Knife/Spoon

So the first step in removing a lipstick stain is to locate any large particles of the lipstick which is still sitting on the carpet.  You MUST, before beginning the main cleaning process remove these particles with a pointed knife, or a spoon, be careful when carrying out this task, as you know, lipstick is very soft, if you apply to much pressure onto the particles when removing them, you could mash them further into the carpet embedding a very deep stain which could potentially remain in the carpet permanently.

Once you have carefully removed all the particles of lipstick from the carpet the next step is to use the correct cleaning agent, for this you can use a dish washing detergent that has the ability to break down grease, this is essential to removing the stain.  Before applying your selected cleaning agent to the stain, first test it on a patch of carpet that is out of the way, and not in any direct view, this is to make sure that is does not dis-colour the carpet.  Be aware that dry cleaning sprays are more likely to discolour carpets than conventional liquid detergents.

9690761422_d9eae33539_zNow that you have tested the spray, you need to apply it to a sponge, enough that it will make the carpet slightly damp but not soaking wet, blot the area affected lightly, checking that the sponge is not too dirty, exchange the sponge for a new one when it becomes dirty as it will have a negative effect on cleaning the carpet, the good news is, if it is getting dirty, then the process is working!   Repeat this until the sponges are not accumulating any more of the stain.

If part of the stain still remains, then you may want to apply the cleaning product directly to the affected area, although this will risk the carpet being discoloured due to the potency of the cleaning agent.  Leave the cleaning product on the stain for 5 mins, before repeating the cleaning process with the sponge again.

After this you are now ready to ‘rinse’ the stain, this is the process of pouring cold water over the stained area, you can do this simply by pouring a small amount of water over the area.  Then, with a clean white cloth, and a small amount of dish washing detergent, rub the effected area to help remove any part of the stains that still remain.  Once you have rubbed away as much of the stain as you can, rinse it again, then dab it dry with a cloth, you might want to lay a towel down over the stain along with a couple of books on top to apply some pressure to the area, this will help lift the stain out as the carpet dries. Hopefully after this your carpet shall be clean!

If you have followed these procedures, but your lip stick stain still remains, then that is were we, Carpet Local, come in, we are professional, trained carpet cleaners with years of experiences in arts of stain removal. With our high tech carpet cleaning technology complimented by our extensive knowledge we will be able to help get rid of that pesky stain.

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