Scotch Guarding

Extra Protection While We're Not Around

DSC04907What Is Scotch Guarding And Do I need it?

We all know the hassle involved when it comes to keeping carpets clean, maintaining the cleanliness is a hard task in itself, so why not make the day to day task easier by using scotch guard? Scotch guard is our formulated spray which is applied to your newly cleaned carpet.

If you live in a home with children, pets or maybe you have a large number of occupants living in your home then scotch guarding is highly recommended. This applicant once enforced on to the carpet seals the fibres meaning that dirt is not able to attach itself to the carpet meaning the daily maintenance and protecting against stains, dirt, pets is made simple and will only require you to wipe the carpet with a damp cloth to remove any marks.

Our professorial carpet cleaning applicants will be able to implement the scotch guarding process onto your carpets upon request prior to us beginning the main carpet cleaning process. Call us now on 01202 70 50 45 and speak to our friendly cleaning technicians to see how we can assist you and your carpet!



Our Additional Services

Flea & Dust Mite Removal

This procedure perfectly compliments our scotch guarding service due to sealing the carpet fibers, eggs laid by these critters will not stick to your carpet, meaning a vacuum cleaner will be able to prevent them from multiplying.   Using our high tech equipment and chemicals, along with our extensive knowledge we be able to completely remove mites and fleas from your home then its down to you to hoover!

For more information on how we eradicate dust mites and fleas including our prices for removal click below!

Pre-Clean Treatment

This process known as “Pre-Clean Treatment”, is regarded as a heavier, deeper, carpet clean, than the standard  carpet cleaning process. This treatment involves different chemicals, equipment and is applied before undertaking the main cleaning task.

For more information on our process including our prices click below