Rug Cleaning Service

Professional Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

Does your favourite rug need another freshening up? Are those little stains starting to build up, vacuum cleaner not quite getting all those tricky hairs out?  Here at carpet local with our experienced rug cleaners, alongside our advanced rug cleaning technology we are able to tackle any dirty rug you may have dwelling in your home.

As all rugs are different, in shape, size and fibre length, we will always inquire on the phone before visiting your home on what type of rug you’d like to have cleaned, including stains the rug lays host to, this will enable us to prepare beforehand so we are able to provide the best possible cleaning process to your rug.


Our Promise

  • Remove to teh best standard, all visible dirt.
  • Remove all stains to the maximum possible level
  • Eliminate all pet odours from the rug, including general odours
  • Remove all bacteria

During the rug cleaning process we will thoroughly steam clean the rug to insure maximum results, along with the most advanced chemicals currently available on the market, in some cases different machinery will be used depending on the dominating fibre within the rug .  Bacteria will be destroyed including unpleasant odours that have attached to the rug, the end result, is a very happy you, but not forgetting a clean and fresh rug that makes turns your room into a warm and inviting living area to be in.

If you feel you may require our professional rug cleaning services, then please do not hesitate to call us on 01202 70 40 45 where you can speak to one of our friendly rug cleaners, we will be happy to satisfy any queries you may have have.