The flooring of your restaurant is one of the largest surfaces of your establishment and no doubt makes up a large part of the aesthetic design of your venue. Without a constantly clean and hygienic carpeted, customer facing area then we can assure you that your business will suffer.

Restaurants thrive off of glowing testimonials and word of mouth reviews and a clean carpet will go a long way to ensuring that your customers enjoy the environment that they are enjoying your well cooked food in.

Carpet Local are able to offer a truly outstanding commercial carpet cleaning service specialised for restaurant owners in the Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch area. We can offer this great all in one cleaning package without unnecessary movement of tables, chairs or fixtures and have the ability to work in and around static obstacles to ensure no inch of your flooring is left untouched.

Working in a high footfall environment like restaurants means that inevitably things will be spilt, food will be dropped and people won’t wipe their feet fully when entering and all of this will build up eventually leading to a less than perfect looking carpeted area for your customers. While your staff may be able to perform basic cleaning tasks like, hovering or brushing up messes this is nowhere near the same level of clean that Carpet Local can offer you and your business.

All prices are quoted on an individual basis and are highly competitive so be sure to call Carpet Local to get an immediate quote. We have a large team of professionally trained fully qualified carpet cleaners at hand to service your restaurant.