When It comes to home decorating, we all like to try it ourselves, there is nothing better than the satisfaction of stepping back after a hard days work in your house, and re-vitalising your living room/bedrooms maybe kitchen or bathroom!  Along with home decorating is a big chance to cause some damage to other parts of your home, not on purpose of course, but as the saying goes, “accidents do happen”.  One of these accidents are fairly common in most homes, the form of this particular accident involves, carpet, and paint.  Yes today we are going to suggest the best way to get rid of those pesky paint stains!

 Paint Stain Removal

Completion Time ( 1 hour Approx )

( Allow 1 day for drying )670px-FoamUp-Step-3

Ingredients Required

  • WD-40
  • Cold Water
  • Dish washing Detergent
  • Razor Blade/Knife
  • Hard Bristle Brush
  • Clean Rags
  • Towel
  • Books


So with most stains, time is of the essence, for the best results you need to act fast, so hopefully you will be reading this before you come into fruition with a paint stain on your carpet.   Maybe though, you are looking to get rid of a long standing stain that has been getting on your nerves and have decided its time to get rid of it!   So with that said, here is the Carpet Local method for removing paint stains, this involves WD-40, and knives!

So the first port of call for removing a new paint stain is blotting the area, to remove any excess paint that is on the carpet, for this you will need to use a clean cloth, make sure you regularly change the cloth as it will get dirty, meaning you will actually start  to make the carpet dirtier, by pressing the paint into the carpet.  Now, if the stain is long standing the first port of call is getting rid of any dried paint particles, this can be achieved simply by using a razor blade/knife, be careful doing this as you could cut your finger, including the carpet, take time during this procedure, as it will make a vast difference to the end result.  Once you are happy with the amount of paint you’ve already removed, go over the stain with the bristle brush, then hoover heavily over the area, to pick up all the chipped paint remains.

Now you’re ready to tackle the embedded stain, this advice is now for both new stains, along with older more built in stains.  Apply a generous amount of WD-40 to the effected area, this will help to soften the stain making along with unbinding any paint particles attached to the carpet, this in turn will make it easier to remove the mark.  Leave this to soak into the carpet for 20 minuets, this will help the WD-40 to work into the carpet and soften it a maximum amount.023

This next step does involve some elbow grease, you need to scrub the affected area with a clean cloth, and make sure you exchange each cloth for a new one as soon as they get dirty.  If you find you are switching the cloths on a regular basis, it means the process is working and you’re lifting the stain out.  If there are any remaining particles left over after this try to remove them with a razor, or sharp knife. be careful when doing this as you need to make sure you don’t mash any particles that do remain further into the carpet.

The the carpet is ready to be rinsed, this process involves some fresh new cloths, along with dish washing detergent, cleanse the carpet of the remaining WD-40, to do this, apply some detergent mixed with water onto a cloth and blot the carpet lightly to press out the WD-40, on completion of this you now need to repeat the same process but with only clear water.

Now when you have finished the rinsing process and you’re happy all the WD-40 has been removed you are now ready to dry the carpet, to do this you need to put a towel down over the stain, then place a couple of books over the towel to apply a constant pressure on the affected area.

If you have followed these procedures, but your paint stain still remains, then that is were we, Carpet Local, come in, we are professional, trained carpet cleaners with years of experiences in arts of stain removal. With our high tech carpet cleaning technology complimented by our extensive knowledge we will be able to help get rid of that pesky stain.

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