So a long standing common stain, within a family home is baby milk.  Baby milk is spilled on a regular basis and can, along with staining the carpet, affect the rooms smell entirely, due to the ingredients that baby milk is comprised of, when warm and date will radiate a smell that is not so pleasant.  Do not fear though! This smell can be removed with some hard work and elbow grease!


Baby Milk Stain Removal

Completion Time ( 1 hour )  (Allow 1 day for drying )

Ingredients Required

  • Club Soda
  • Baking Soda
  • Old Toothbrush
  • Soft Cloths
  • Water
  • Spray Bottle

So, your child has spilt milk on to your beloved carpet, or accidentally spit up some milk, what do you do?  Firstly time is of the essence with baby milk, you need to act fast, as the longer it sits on your carpet, the more time it has to soak in causing more permanent damage, although the smell will still be removable, the stain not as much.  The first step, if the stain is new, is to dab up with a clean, slightly moistened cloth the newly made stain, this will help to remove the bulk amount of milk, meaning only the soaked in remnants are left to remove.  Although, if this stain is long standing, over a few days/weeks/months/year, then your first port of call is to rub over the area with a tooth brush, this will loosen any particles of milk attached to the area, after doing this you need to then vacuum over the area so suck up the particles that have been loosened.never-scrub-a-carpet-to-clean-up-a-stain-this-will-only-make-it-worse

Now that you have removed the bulk of the milk the next process is treating the stain, for this you will need your baking soda, along with the club soda.  Pour the club soda in a spray bottle in preparation for later, now with your baking soda, sprinkle a thin layer on top of the stained area, and then after this, spray some of the club soda on top, until it is touch damp.  This will cause a chemical reaction and begin to fizz, this helps to loosen the milk particles that maybe attached to the carpets fibres, along with breaking them down making them easier to remove.

Now if the stain has been long standing we do suggest to leave the club soda to react with the carpet for 5 mins then after start scrubbing it with the old toothbrush, this will help to remove any well grounded milk particles from the carpet that may remain.  Once again repeat the blotting process with a dry cloth to remove any excess fluid that is within the stained area.

Now it is time to remove the baking soda remains, and club soda remains, to do this, you will need a slightly damp, white cloth, and as you have done before, by blotting the carpet, you need to do to rinse the carpet, but with a slightly damp cloth.  Now this is complete the carpet should be freed from the baby milk stain.  If, it does remain, then repeat the processes above, until there is no difference being made.  Or if you’re happy with the results the last thing to be done is put a try towel over the area, along with a couple of books on top to apply constant pressure to the effect area, this will help to bring out some of the stain along with drying the carpet.  Now the carpet is totally dry, run over it with a hoover to restore texture.

If you have followed these procedures, but your baby milk stain still remains, then that is were we, Carpet Local, come in, we are professional, trained carpet cleaners with years of experiences in arts of stain removal. With our high tech carpet cleaning technology complimented by our extensive knowledge we will be able to help get rid of that pesky stain!

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