Pre-Clean Treatment

For Those Seriously Grubby Carpets

A common question we come into fruition with is, “What is Pre-Cleaning”, and “why do I need it, I thought a standard clean was adequate”. Well the truth is, a standard clean is the perfect option for any household that wants the aesthetics of a clean carpet but doesn’t want to clean away the parts they can’t see. The standard clean is suitable for somebody who regularly hoovers and cleans their carpet and requires a thorough clean just to top up the condition.

So how do you know if you require a Pre-Cleaning Treatment and if it will be suitable for you?

Well if you have children, children as much as we love them, are not the most clean and hygienic people around us, often running about,becoming sweaty, playing outside, dragging mud into the house, but worst of all, eating. When it comes to eating children are sadly not tidy, spillages and stains can be a regular occurrence.

Maybe you’re a pet owner, we all know the problem pet bring with them, similar to children, they can be messy and bring dirt into the house with them, by accident of course! One of the main problems with pet is their coat, it can become greasy at the same time oily, meaning that they leave fortunately an invisible residue, but unfortunately this residue bring with itself an odour not so pleasant and turns the carpet fibres into sticky rods which cling onto the dirt more than normal, meaning your standard hoover or carpet clean job will not be able to remove the dirt.

resized-1-2To tackle this we developed the “Pre-Cleaning Treatment”, this involves using extremely powerful chemicals applied to the carpet via our high tech carpet cleaning machinery controlled by our trained cleaning technicians. Stored within our chemicals is a fluid that effectively kills of bacteria including Bird Flu, Rubella and even E. Coli plus many many more bacteria related diseases.

Our Additional Services

Scotch Guarding

Scotch Guarding is the perfect touch to a newly deep cleaned carpet, once applied, it only takes the wiping of a damp cloth to sufficiently removal any dirty marks, or spillages!

For more information on Scotch Guarding, including our process and prices, click below

Dust & Mite Removal

This procedure is our advanced flea and mite removal service, using our high tech equipment and chemicals, along with our extensive knowledge we be able to completely remove mites and fleas from your home!

For more information on how we eradicate dust mites and fleas including our prices  for removal click below!