Did you know that a dirty carpet not only looks bad, it also can affect your health! To you it might just look like a carpet but its the perfect breeding ground for a large array of health problems. A dirty carpet allows for the growth of microbes and other irritants. These microbes and irritants can make you ill or set off allergic reactions.

First of all dirty carpets can provide great habitats for a large array of small and harmful organisms. All of these potential organisms will affect your health and don’t serve us well. Dust mites that live within the carpet breed and multiply at a fast rate. This is because they feed of the dirt, hair and dead skin that builds up in the carpet. When these dust mites get kicked up by walking or moving furniture they can be inhaled. The health issues that can come about from inhaling dust mites can vary. From coughing and runny noses to more extreme flu like symptoms. There is even a possibility that dust mites can cause a asthma attacks.

A dirty carpet with dust mites isnt the only thing affecting you. Also the built up dust, hair, Pet hair and dead skin will can also affect allergic reactions. All of this in the carpet can cause itchy skin, eyes and sneezing. This can make visits unpleasant for visitors to your home. Its also possible to gain skin problems through a dirty carpet. A dirty carpet can harbor potential  fungi that can infect your feet.

For all these reasons and more its always a good idea to get your carpet cleaned regularly. Carpet Local offers an extensive and thorough cleaning service to suit all households. If you would like more information or to book a FREE no obligation quote call us now on 01202 70 50 45