DSC05026Our customer who request carpet cleaning in Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch ask on a regular basis how we manager to restore their carpets to such a high standard.  The biggest answer to this is practice, and time.  We have spent countless hours, testing, trialing all different methods of cleaning for wool carpets, acrylic carpets and even for upholstery such as sofas and chairs.   Here at CarpetLocal we have devised our own methods to suit the chemicals we use along with the machine that we operate.

Listed below are the standard methods that we follow, but have added our own methods too based on our previous experience.

The First method is Shampoo Cleaning, which doesn’t involve hair shampoo!

  •  This method is based on the usage of foam as you may have guessed, foam is applied to the carpet in generous quantities and is highly lubricated at the same time, this is to prevent the carpet fibers from being damaged during the cleaning process.  The foam stops the carpet from getting as wet as it would during if it was being cleaned in the conventional way, this means it is able to be cleaned more efficiently as the foam pulls the dirt away from the carpet and then dries, it is then very easy to extract.

The next method we use on Carpets that are not able to get wet, this is called the Absorbent Method

  • This method involves using an absorbent compound that contains a powerful solvent.  This Detergent has the ability to attract all the dirt particles within the carpet, pulling them away from the fibers once the carpet has been thoroughly brushed.  This method is very effective, but takes a lot more time and can only be used on particular carpets as this method can damage some types of carpet.    Once the carpet has been brushed it is then time to bring in the vacuume which then extracts all the free dirt that has come away from the carpet during the main cleaning process.

Professional-Carpet-Cleaning-The Final Method, the most commonly used one is the Hot Water Extraction Cleaning process

  • This method involves applying hot steam at force onto the carpet which is mixed with the cleaning detergents for that particular carpet.   This method is by far the most widely used, and most effective, this is due to the fact the steam is able to dislodge 99% of the dirt within the carpet fibers and is extracted straight after being dislodged meaning there is no residual dirt left behind.  You will probably see us using this method when we come to visit your home as it is by far the most efficient.

We hope you found this article interesting and now are aware of our cleaning processes!   If you’re in need of a professional carpet cleaner then let us know on 01202 70 50 45!