Commercial Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning on an Industrial Scale

As business owners ourselves we understand the importance of hygiene, cleanliness and not forgetting a tidy office in which to work within. Here at Carpet Local we pride ourselves on being able to offer the best possible carpet cleaning service for your businesses offices, or maybe your have a restaurant or a hotel that requires regular amounts of cleaning.

We are able to offer a professional, efficient and thorough carpet cleaning packages to businesses of any size, using our advanced carpet cleaning technology along with our extensive knowledge complimented by our vast understanding of the chemicals involved in carpet cleaning means we are able to undertake regular carpet cleaning contract work to any businesses upon request.

Restaurant Carpet Cleaning

If you own a restaurant then you are probably more than aware already of how important it is to keep your carpets clean and odour free.

Food stains, drink stains as well as dirty marks from customers shoes are a regular occurrence and rapidly deteriorate your carpets.

Dirty carpets can give a bad impression to your diners as to the quality of your restaurant and by association – the food that you serve.

Here at CarpetLocal we provide high quality, professional restaurant carpet cleaning contracts and one off carpet cleans upon request.

Hotel Carpet Cleaning

As a hotel owner you understand how important the maintenance of your rooms are, including reception areas and maybe any restaurants you may have.

All of these areas are seen by your customers, and will largely contribute to their overall opinion about your hotel and the service you’re providing to them.

Carpet Local are able to provide a thorough, professional and regular hotel carpet cleaning service offering to any hotel carpet cleaning contracts.

Our cleaning will get your Hotel shining attracting repeat custom and sending a great impression to new visitors.

Care home Carpet Cleaning

As many of us are aware, care homes need a constant cleaning service.

Many care homes develop a certain odour which can very easily become absorbed into the carpets, which means it becomes very hard to remove.  Not only this but the building itself is home to many people, whom expect a certain level of cleanliness, which has to be reached.

Carpet local now offer a carehome cleaning service, along with regular cleaning contract work which you may require.

For Landlords and Estate Agents

Carpet Local provide top notch landlord/estate agent carpet cleaning services to landlords in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire. Carpet local can offer a friendly, reliable carpet cleaning service for when your tenants vacate a property so that you can have a quick turnaround in time for when viewing occur or a new tenant moves in.

Our intensive hot-water extraction method works by injecting hot, soft water and our proprietary cleaning solution into your carpet. Then our cleaning brushes lift all the dirt and soil from the carpet, without the abrasive brushing of other cleaning methods. And, drying time is faster since 95 percent of the moisture is suctioned out of the carpet. That means no leftover soapy residue. You say goodbye to dirt, allergens, dust mites and other microscopic pollutants that collect in your properties carpets.

A carpets condition can make or break the buyer’s decision when viewing a property and can be the difference between selling or letting a property which can be frustrating when the prospect walks away without a second thought. Carpet local can offer a quick and immediate solution to any sized carpet and property and prices are available on application.

Our Additional Carpet Cleaning Services

Keeping you one step ahead in the war against dirt and stains!

Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Are your carpets looking past their best? Maybe the kids tracked mud into the house? Stained that light coloured carpet?
We can clean any stained or heavily used dirty carpets.

Specialist Upholstery Cleaning

When you get a your upholstered items dirty due to pets or spillages we can restore them to their former glory!
We can clean Sofas, curtains, cushions and much more!

Wool Cleaning and Chemicals

Anybody who owns a wool carpets, knows of its value, and should understand the care and consideration that must be thought about, while owning, maintaining, and professionally cleaning it.

Pre-Cleaning Treatment

“Pre-Clean Treatment” is a heavier, deeper, carpet clean, than the standard carpet cleaning process. This involves different chemicals and equipment and is applied first.

Flea and Dust Mite Removal

If you’re the owner of pets, such as cats and dogs then you will be fully aware already of the implications they bring along with them, the main form being fleas.

Carpet Protection / Guarding

Carpet Protection / Guarding (aka Scotch Guarding) involves sealing the carpets fibers to effectively (invisibly) protect you against stains, spillages plus mud and dirt.

Restaurant / Hotel Cleaning

Own a restaurant or hotel? Then you are probably aware how important it is to keep your carpets clean and odour free. Food stains, drink stains as well as dirty marks from customers are unsightly.

Care / Retirement Home Cleaning

Care homes need a constant cleaning service. Care homes can develop a certain odour which can very easily become absorbed into the carpets and can be tough to remove.

Landlords / Lettings Agents

Carpet Local provide top notch landlord / estate agent carpet cleaning services. We can offer a reliable carpet cleaning service for when your tenants vacate a property or a new tenant moves in.