Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Helping to keep your business looking fresh

Carpet Cleaning on an Industrial Scale

As business owners ourselves we understand the importance of hygiene, cleanliness and not forgetting a tidy office in which to work within.  Here at Carpet Local we pride ourselves on being able to offer the best possible carpet cleaning service for your businesses offices, or maybe your have a restaurant or a hotel that requires regular amounts of cleaning.  We are able to offer a professional, efficient and thorough carpet cleaning packages to businesses of any size, using our advanced carpet cleaning technology along with our extensive knowledge complimented by our vast understanding of the chemicals involved in carpet cleaning means we are able to undertake regular carpet cleaning contract work to any businesses upon request.

Restaurant Carpet Cleaning

If you own your own restaurant then you are more than aware already of how phenomenally important it is to keep your carpets clean and odour free, food stains, drink stains as well as dirty marks from customers shoes is all but a regular occurrence , here at Carpet Local we are able to offer our restaurant carpet cleaning contracts including one off carpet cleans upon request.

Hotel Carpet Cleaning

As a hotel owner you understand how important the maintenance of your rooms are, including reception areas and maybe any restaurants you may have.  All of these areas are seen by your customers, and will largely contribute to their overall opinion about your hotel and the service you’re providing to them.  Carpet Local are able to provide a thorough, professional and regular hotel carpet cleaning service offering to any hotel carpet cleaning contracts to places that deem it necessary.

Carehome Carpet Cleaning

As many of us are aware, carehomes need a constant cleaning service, not only with carpet but within all area. Most carehomes develop a certain odour which can very easily become absorbed into the carpets, which means it becomes very hard to remove the general odour.  Not only this but the build itself is home to many people, whom expect a certain level of cleanliness, which has to be reached. Carpet local now offer a carehome cleaning service, along with regular cleaning contract work which you may require