Carpet and Rug Cleaning

We provide a wide range of carpet and rug cleaning services, including procedures for delicate carpets such as wool.

If you have a need that you do not see here on the site, get in touch and we will see what we can do for you.

Carpet Cleaning

Here is a list of our carpet cleaning services

Welcome to Carpet local, the home of the South’s best carpet cleaning services covering a range of carpet cleaning services from home and domestic carpet cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

We cover a large territory across Poole, Bournemouth & Christchurch and can offer professional and affordable carpet cleaning services in these areas immediately. We have a dedicated booking team at hand to handle any questions you might have, please call or email us to ensure that your questions can be answered.

Carpet Local know that cleaning helps to protect your investment. Carpet Local are committed to delivering the best carpet cleaning/floor cleaning service you can find. In fact, we boast a premier line up of services that out-perform the competition, brought to you from highly trained specialists. Our professional deep cleaning provides the care and maintenance necessary to extend the life of your floors and furnishings. Not only do we save you time, but you can relax, knowing that you live and work in a cleaner, healthier environment.

So don’t delay, book your carpet cleaning service today and enjoy the benefits of having a professional team take care of your carpet cleaning needs.

Wool Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning Wool Carpets

Anybody who owns a wool carpets, knows of its value, and should understand the care and consideration that must be thought about, while owning, maintaining, and professionally cleaning it.  A wool carpet can sometimes be deemed as more of an investment into your home, instead of just being another acrylic carpet, this is down to their average cost, for most wool carpets then can cost anywhere from, four to ten times more than your everyday carpet.  This price, which may seem unjustified has its reasons, a wool carpet, last considerably longer, due to the fibers of the carpet preventing any dirt from being absorbed, protecting you from stains, discoloration, pets and of course children.

Other Benefits

  • Fire Retardant ( Wool is naturally fire resistant, and even when alight will self extinguish in seconds )
  • Super Soft ( Due to the way the fibers are formed the carpet is naturally soft, and maintains this over time )
  • Retains Warmth ( Along with being soft it is also a brilliant retainer of warmth, keeping you warm in the winter )
  • Reduces Noise ( Due to absorbing sounds, it will drastically reduce the transfer of noise through walls and ceilings

Keeping The Carpet Clean

So you have your beloved wool carpet, but its starting to become dirty, its not shining how it once was , marks are beginning to form which are increasingly harder to ignore, but how do you remove this marks?   That is were We, Carpet Local come in.  We are trained professional wool carpet cleaners, with the experience, knowledge and equipment to bring your wool carpet back to life.

Wool Cleaning Chemicals

Wool Cleaning Chemicals

Whenever we visit your home to clean your wool carpet, we are fully aware of the procedures, preparation and process that must be carried out whenever cleaning a wool carpet.  That is why we only ever use the industry leading chemicals while cleaning wool.

What we Use

  • Pre Spray
    This pre-spray will help to loosen the fibers, along with preparing the carpet for the extraction machine to remove the dirt.
  • Woolsafe Liquids
    This we use in our extraction cleaner, which has been formulated to perfectly compliment our pre spray.
  • Fiber And Fabric Rinse
    This is used to balance the pH levels once the carpet has been cleaned and remove any remaining cleaning chemicals.

We make sure that every precaution is carried out to ensure that the wool carpet is cleaned properly, using the correct chemicals and procedures.

If you require a professional wool carpet cleaner then don’t hesitate to call us and speak to a friendly customer service operative today on 01202 705040 , we will be happy to give you a free on the spot quote over the phone.

Rug Cleaning

Professional Rug Cleaning

Does your favourite rug need another freshening up? Are those little stains starting to build up, vacuum cleaner not quite getting all those tricky hairs out?  Here at carpet local with our experienced rug cleaners, alongside our advanced rug cleaning technology we are able to tackle any dirty rug you may have dwelling in your home.

As all rugs are different, in shape, size and fibre length, we will always inquire on the phone before visiting your home on what type of rug you’d like to have cleaned, including stains the rug lays host to, this will enable us to prepare beforehand so we are able to provide the best possible cleaning process to your rug.

Our Promise

  • Remove to the best standard, all visible dirt.
  • Remove all stains to the maximum possible level.
  • Eliminate all pet odours from the rug, including general odours.
  • Remove all bacteria

During the rug cleaning process we will thoroughly steam clean the rug to insure maximum results, along with the most advanced chemicals currently available on the market, in some cases different machinery will be used depending on the dominating fibre within the rug.  Bacteria will be destroyed including unpleasant odours that have attached to the rug, the end result, is a very happy you, but not forgetting a clean and fresh rug that makes turns your room into a warm and inviting living area to be in.

If you feel you may require our professional rug cleaning services, then please do not hesitate to call us on 01202 705040  where you can speak to one of our friendly rug cleaners, we will be happy to satisfy any queries you may have have.

Our Additional Carpet Cleaning Services

Keeping you one step ahead in the war against dirt and stains!

Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Are your carpets looking past their best? Maybe the kids tracked mud into the house? Stained that light coloured carpet?
We can clean any stained or heavily used dirty carpets.

Specialist Upholstery Cleaning

When you get a your upholstered items dirty due to pets or spillages we can restore them to their former glory!
We can clean Sofas, curtains, cushions and much more!

Wool Cleaning and Chemicals

Anybody who owns a wool carpets, knows of its value, and should understand the care and consideration that must be thought about, while owning, maintaining, and professionally cleaning it.

Pre-Cleaning Treatment

“Pre-Clean Treatment” is a heavier, deeper, carpet clean, than the standard carpet cleaning process. This involves different chemicals and equipment and is applied first.

Flea and Dust Mite Removal

If you’re the owner of pets, such as cats and dogs then you will be fully aware already of the implications they bring along with them, the main form being fleas.

Carpet Protection / Guarding

Carpet Protection / Guarding (aka Scotch Guarding) involves sealing the carpets fibers to effectively (invisibly) protect you against stains, spillages plus mud and dirt.

Restaurant / Hotel Cleaning

Own a restaurant or hotel? Then you are probably aware how important it is to keep your carpets clean and odour free. Food stains, drink stains as well as dirty marks from customers are unsightly.

Care / Retirement Home Cleaning

Care homes need a constant cleaning service. Care homes can develop a certain odour which can very easily become absorbed into the carpets and can be tough to remove.

Landlords / Lettings Agents

Carpet Local provide top notch landlord / estate agent carpet cleaning services. We can offer a reliable carpet cleaning service for when your tenants vacate a property or a new tenant moves in.